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What We Do
Affinity Consultants Private Limited was established in early 2002 by senior professionals from the service industry, with the objective of providing financial and sales consultancy, enabling its clients to successfully pursue their business and financial goals. The ever changing business environment requires periodic and proactive realignment of the organization to market realities. Bringing in experienced consultants often can provide the additional expertise, knowledge and bandwidth, to better plan and implement the programs that increase a company's competitiveness.

Affinity Consultants is a professional services firm which offers clients a broad range of services in areas that include Consulting, Outsourced Services and Executive Search and Placement. Whether the focus is on strategy or operations, we are committed to helping clients improve their products and services, business relationships and their bottom line economics.

We accomplish these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of specific industries. The Promoters bring comprehensive experience of the Travel & Tourism Industry and specialize in providing Accounting, Consulting and Placement services in this space.

Service Philosophy

Affinity Consultants believes in providing superior quality and specialized services at the most competitive price. Our objective is to exceed client expectations and deliver value in everything we do.

Every assignment is led by a professional, supported by competent and experienced staff, who ensure responsiveness to our client’s needs.  Our  holistic  approach,  backed  by  our practical  hands-on  experience,  allows  us  to  provide  clients  with  realistic  advice,  in  line with and best suited to their business requirements.

We deliver to our clients:
 » Dependable, timely responses
 » Focused, issue based service and advice
 » Consistent high quality

We  work  together  with  our  clients  to  help  them  become  more  efficient,  more  effective and more successful.  We work with our clients, not for them.